The non-entrepreneurs of the world tend to think that successful entrepreneurs are born that way – born wealthy, naturally driven and passionate with or without a cause. This is what helps many people feel comfortable in their complacency, because they believe there are only a certain number of chosen people in this world who possess the success genes that most people don’t.

And they couldn’t be more wrong.

Everyone knows that it takes work to be successful, no matter how it is defined in their own terms. But what not everyone knows is that the persistence that is absolutely required in building success also takes work. And when you build up your focus and practice it enough, the rest can follow and fall into place.

This means that the self-made millionaires and billionaires of the world also had those days of doubt and wonder, about where they’re going and how they’ll ever end up where they want to be. It also means that there isn’t anything real that separates the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. And the excuses you use to stay in your mediocre situation don’t actually make sense at all.

So, how do you become a successful entrepreneur when you feel like you’re missing the most important ingredients within yourself like the drive, focus and persistence?


1. Dream big.

So many people are scared to dream big. In fact, they stop themselves from having bigger dreams any time their minds feel hopeful enough to get out of the comfort zone and imagine a different life. It may come from a sense of unworthiness, or the belief that only the select few get to experience the glamour and luxury you truly want. Perhaps you stop yourself from wanting things that you judge to be unnecessary. Or perhaps you tell yourself not to dream of becoming a billionaire so long as world peace is not achieved. No matter the reason, you’re only getting in your own way. And by not letting yourself even dream, you’re robbing yourself of the chance to actually achieve them.


2. Imagine your end game.

Dreaming big could be as simple as knowing that you want to be a billionaire one day. But frankly, that means nothing. What is it about being a billionaire that you want? You can’t possibly mean that you just want to see $1,000,000,000 in your bank account and you’ll be happy even if you’re still living your life exactly the same as now. I mean, you could, but probably not. It’s most likely the lifestyle of being a billionaire that you want.

So, what does that look like in your head? What kind of house do you live in, and what kind of work-life balance do you have? What kind of hobbies do you have? Visualise your dream life, and it will drive you harder towards that goal than merely thinking you want a billion dollars.


3. Remind yourself everyday.

Now that you know your dreams and what your ideal life looks like, remind yourself of them everyday in order to keep your eyes focused on the ball. Some people may need a bit more help than others, here. If you find that you keep slipping and forgetting your goals on a regular basis, and it doesn’t help too much to just think about your dream, then you may need some visual stimulation. Create a vision board like the picture below of your desired future. Print pictures and words that represent the things you want in life, be in an expensive car, great health or a dream wedding. Put them altogether on a board, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a vision board that shows you what your future looks like. Put it in your workspace at home or in the office, or somewhere you’ll see it everyday.

Image by Lead with Giants Coaching

For some help on creating your own vision board, check out some ideas on Pinterest.


4. Inspire yourself everyday.

So, you’re clear about your dreams and you have a vision of your beautiful future. But what inspired these dreams and what continues to inspire you every day to keep going towards creating your life a certain way? Do you have a quote that resonates with you, or an image that always seems to bring out the sparkle in you? A famous entrepreneur that you look up to? Just like the vision board, create an inspiration board that displays a collection of the things that drive you. You could have multiple inspiration boards based on different themes – maybe for your business model, social life, fitness or anything else you would like to work on.

Image by One Kings Lane

Success isn’t created overnight, and it doesn’t come naturally to those that look like they have already made it. For all we know, Richard Branson isn’t even halfway to his dream future, that he would have put together on a vision board. And dreams and goals change as we reach our milestones and we let ourselves dream bigger and bigger each time. On this journey, what matters is knowing what you want and focusing on getting there no matter how difficult it might get at times.

To end this with a favourite inspirational quote of ours, “When you feeling like quitting, remember why you started.”