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12-Month Profit & Loss Statement (PDF Form) Fully Editable


This 12-Month Profit & Loss Statement PDF is the perfect, simple, editable and print-ready form that you’ve been looking for, especially if you’re intimidated by using Excel spreadsheets.

It is already formatted with automatic calculations so that you can have a snapshot of your revenue, expenses and the net profit on one page without needing to do any formatting yourself. With this form, you also have the freedom to add only the relevant categories to the expense column.

You can use this form to jot down your projections or report your statements as you go, or hand it out to your team or clients to use as they wish. No matter what you use it for, this form will simplify the financial reporting activities that you’ve been dreading!

For a fully editable Excel version of this form, click here.

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Product Description

Included in this download are two separate PDF documents in two different styles:

  • 1 x original YVOXS pink
  • 1 x black and grey colour theme

In order to save an uneditable version of this PDF worksheet (i.e. remove the text fields), print to PDF.

Click the printing icon or Ctrl + P from your PDF viewer, and select “print to PDF” or similar in the dropdown list of printers. Click “Print” and save the PDF.

Additional information

Document Type

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1 per document

Number of Files

There are TWO files included in this download.


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