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Brand Identity Workbook (PDF)


To create brand loyalty from your customers, you first need to have a brand image and message that they resonate with. And to have a strong brand image and message, you first need to know what your business is all about.

Building and clarifying your brand is step one of any business. Your products, business strategy, pricing and marketing all stem from understanding the core identity of your business.

This 23-page workbook takes you through identifying your brand image and learning how to use that image to convey your brand to the world. The workbook helps you to:

  • Clarify your business
  • Define your business
  • Personify your business
  • Design your business
  • Communicate your business.

Download this workbook if you’re ready to freshly build or re-build an existing brand image to increase your presence in the market!

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This PDF workbook can be used as a soft copy or a hard copy. If you prefer hand-writing and brainstorming, print it out and get to work! You can print in grey-scale as the colours used in the workbook are not critical to the content.

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