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Comprehensive Business Plan

(27 customer reviews)


Have you ever purchased a business plan template and felt completely overwhelmed? You could probably  see that it was an impressive piece of document, but couldn’t even bring yourself to get started because of the confusing jargon and formatting.

Well, worry no more!

This 26-page comprehensive business plan template is perfect for any small and medium sized, startup or existing businesses.

It covers all bases of your business in detail, and includes the following sections

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Details
  • Products and Services
  • The Market
  • The Finances
  • Future Goals and Plan
  • Appendices.

The best thing is, every single section of this business plan comes with placeholder texts that provide an explanation or example of what to write, so that you’re not left feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do. Just click the placeholder text and replace with your own or delete the unnecessary parts, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a business plan.

The finances section comes with built-in Excel sheets that are already formatted in order to carry out the necessary calculations – You just need to put in your numbers!

This business plan also comes in two styles – YVOXS original and Black.

This is the easiest yet most comprehensive business plan you’ve been waiting for, that is a lot more affordable compared to others on the market. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copy and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve taken the right steps to carefully build your business!

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Product Description

Below are all the sections included in the business plan:

  • Executive Summary
    • Business Details
    • Products and Services
    • The Market
    • The Finances
    • Future Goals and Plan
  • Business Details
    • Business Purpose
    • Registration Details
    • Premises
    • Ownership and Management
    • Organisational Chart
    • Personnel
      • Marketing Department
      • Business Department
      • Accounts Department
      • Required Staff
      • Personnel Count
      • Personnel Management
    • Insurance
    • Legal Considerations
  • Products and Services
    • Current Products and Services
      • Value to Customer
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • Anticipated Demand
      • Pricing Strategy
    • Products and Services in Development
      • Research and Development (R&D)
      • Intellectual Property
    • Operations
  • The Market
    • Market Research
    • Market Analysis
      • Market Trends
      • Limitations and Issues
      • Anticipated Fluctuations
    • The Customer
      • Your Customers
      • The Ideal Customer(s)
      • Key Identified Customer(s)
      • Customer Management
    • The Competition
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Competitive Strategy
    • SWOT Analysis
      • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
    • Marketing Strategy
      • Advertising Strategy
      • Sales Strategy
      • Sales Techniques
  • The Finances
    • Financial Overview
      • Key Financial Objectives
    • Startup Expenses for FYxx/xx
      • Assumptions
      • Startup Capital and Expenses Table
    • Balance Sheet Forecast
      • Assumptions
    • Profit & Loss Projections
      • Assumptions
      • 12-Month Profit & Loss Projections
      • 3-Year Profit & Loss Projections
    • Cash Flow Statements
      • 12-Month Cash Flow Statement
    • Break-Even Analysis
      • Break-Even Calculator
  • Future Goals and Plan
    • Long-Term Goals
    • Short-Term Goals
    • Action Plan/Milestones
  • Appendices

Additional information

Document Type

Number of Pages

26 per document

Number of Files

There are TWO files included in this download.

27 reviews for Comprehensive Business Plan

  1. Candace

    I’ve tried so many different business plan templates before (free and paid) and this is by far the best in terms of clean formatting

  2. Katrina Evans

    Pros: nice format, sensible order, the spreadsheets in the financial section, lots of explanation for each section.

    Cons: it covers so much it takes a long time to finish!

  3. Elias

    Clean, easy on the eyes

  4. Amy Hunt

    Love this! So detailed. I had no trouble following it.

  5. Mcnamara

    Absolutely love this, the financial part is great for Excel dummies like myself who probably wouldn’t have figured out how to insert spreadsheets into the Word template.

  6. christina wong

    Comprehensive business plan

  7. W. Springer

    I’m a consultant and help my clients with their business planning based on this template. I modified it to suit my clientele as they’re mostly solopreneurs

  8. Phyllis giron

    Thank you so much

  9. Keeton


  10. juan lambert

    The marketing part was really detailed and made me think about all sorts of things about my target market and m ideal customers and the average customer. While working through this I realized that who I thought my target market was was very far from the customrs that actually buy the most from me.

  11. Thomas Orman

    It took me a long time to gather all the information and complete this. It was my first time doing a business plan and I really didn’t expect it to be such a long process. I didn’t even know I needed half the stuff that was mentioned in the template. I deleted things that were not required for my business (like I don’t plan on having a lot of staff so I can delete the personnel table or the department list) and still ended up with a really long and detailed business plan. If I have to do this again I think I’ll feel a lot more confident.

  12. JC

    This is really awesome, thanks!

  13. Huang

    It’s a very straightforward and simple but also a very clever template at the same time. I like the form functions like the date pickers and placeholder texts that can be selected with just one click so you know where the instructional text starts and ends. Thanks a lot. Really made my business planning easy.

  14. bizwiz

    nice thanks

  15. I’m glad I bought this during the sale. I’m always iffy about paying more than 20 bucks to buy templates online. I’ll probabl check out some others as well

  16. Andrew chang

    It’s a small thing but I really liked the placeholder text , how I can just click once to select the whole thing to delete/replce instead of dragging to select the text that shouldn’t be included int he plan.
    Some parts stand out against the others i’ve tried and some parts are just ok but all in all i’d buy again because of how easy it is to use

  17. PT

    I like the built-in spreadsheets. Are there any standalone versions??

  18. Chad

    Used this for a board meeting and left them looking pretty impressed. Thanks!

  19. R. Singh

    It’s one of the better biz plan templates I’ve tried. Is there a way to requestt custom styles??

  20. Angela Payne

    Love this.

  21. Wayne Lee

    it was easy to add or delete as I go. Good template for my small online business. it wouldve been perfect if it had more examples

  22. Kris

    I used the black version cause our company colours are blue and grey but really like the pink version as well. love the presentation of an otherwise boring business doc!! would purchase another one if you had it in light blue because ifound that it’s not actually as easy as just changing some colours because of the table borders etc

  23. blaine

    good for the price

  24. sydney

    is it possible to have it in another color or change the whole style in one go instead of manually?

  25. Alex Foster

    I bought this business plan since I was quite impressed with YVOXS’ marketing spreadsheet and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s really simple to work with – you can just click on any text (except for the headings) and replace with your own text or delete it. Good instructions and format. Really like the layout.

  26. Stuart F

    Really satisfied with the business plan. This is why you should invest in a good business plan instead of getting free templates that are just clunky and never formatted properly

  27. Jessica

    This is a really awesome business plan template – really worth it for the price. My favourite part is the built in spreadsheets that you can edit. I would’ve liked to have more examples on top of the instructions, though.

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