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Letterhead Style #3

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When it comes to branding a business, there is one thing that so many business owners frequently forget: Letterheads. Your business’s very own letterhead using the official logo, colours and fonts is one of the easiest yet effective ways to showcase your business via print. Don’t forget – print marketing is still crucial to your business!

Download a letterhead that suits your business’s personality, whether it’s bold, simple, traditional or elegant. Edit the template with your own details like the company name, logo and contact details, and start showing off your business on paper as well as online!

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The current letterhead is for the serious yet stylish business that likes to keep it simple. This letterhead style is traditional in the sense that it doesn’t experiment with bold designs like big font sizes. Yet, it brings old-school-type stylish elegance with its borders and large margins on each side of the paper. This is best used when the content of your letter is more serious and important, as opposed to the light-hearted seasonal greetings letters for which a fun and bold design may be more important.

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3 reviews for Letterhead Style #3

  1. gsj

    I like it but how to change the border to one line?

  2. wallace

    I’m a private tutor and I used this letterhead to send out announcement letters to my studetns and their parents. Super useful and stylish and easy to customize

  3. Kai Lang

    Love this! So pretty 🙂

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