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Marketing Activity vs Revenue Report (Excel)


It’s no use spending hours each day marketing your business if you don’t really know what that does for your business. Sure, you might have had a great experience with Facebook ads, for example. But can you quantify it? In money terms, what was your return on investment? Is it worth doing it again?

For business owners, especially for businesses that are starting to grow, marketing opportunities are found everywhere. Once you start to gain some initial traction, you’ll find yourself out and about trying anything and everything to see if it works for your business. And when you start expanding your marketing streams and avenues, it’s important to keep track of what each activity actually means for your revenue.

This Marketing Activity VS Revenue Report does exactly that. It conveniently displays all relevant measures and business activity for each week, so that you can have a clear view of how your revenue changes depending on the time of the year or the things you do.

This Excel report is cleverly designed with the following features:

  • Easy navigation of the big worksheet by clicking on the month buttons
  • Auto-calculations of the most important revenue measures (weekly budgeted sales, actual sales, their difference, and YTD)
  • Auto-calculations of the most important cost measures (weekly budgeted cost, actual cost, their difference, and YTD)
  • Conditional formatting that highlights in green or red to give you a snapshot of how your business is doing
  • Key date areas including public and school holidays, industry-related events, and your business events
  • Marketing activity areas such as standard activity (e.g. email, blog, social media…), campaign activity, and advertising activity
  • Each section includes several extra rows for you to add in your own activities
  • One extra unprotected sheet included so you can change the revenue measures or formula as you wish!
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This spreadsheet is best used as a soft copy. If you wish to print it, go to File > Print and select your printer and other settings. Then, navigate to your scaling settings and select “Fit All Rows on One Page”. It’s recommended that you print on A3 paper.

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