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Marketing Schedule & Calendar

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No matter how small or big your business is, it is an undeniable fact that marketing is one of the most essential components that can take you ahead of the competition. With such great importance comes the hard work, though, and successful marketing for any business comes in the shape of a full-time job. But you have another million things to take care of that are more urgent than a Facebook post? Well, that might be the case, but it doesn’t mean you should miss out on effective and consistent marketing just because you have other things to do.

With a little help organising your marketing strategy and schedule, you can be on top of all your marketing activities as well as all those other important meetings and deadlines you have! This marketing strategy schedule and calendar spreadsheet helps you do exactly that, by letting you organise all of your chosen marketing methods and their frequency. With this, you’ll never miss another LinkedIn post just because you haven’t had time to come up with a relevant and witty post on the spot. Plan your months ahead and always be prepared!

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Example marketing schedule x 1
Marketing schedule x 1
Example monthly marketing calendar x 1
Monthly marketing calendar x 1


This Marketing Schedule & Calendar spreadsheet is not like any other basic marketing templates that promise the world but require you to input everything manually in the end. This spreadsheet is all about the visuals, giving you an automated snapshot of what marketing activities you’re planning to participate in and how often.

As shown in the screenshot of the Marketing Schedule sheet below, the whole row is automatically highlighted in grey to block it out, when “N” is inserted into the “Y/N” column to indicate that you won’t be participating in the corresponding marketing methods. Here, you can lay out any available marketing options for your business in the “Marketing Method” column, and indicate your anticipated participation.

Once you’ve completed this component in the Marketing Schedule sheet, you can move onto the Monthly Calendar sheet which already displays your chosen marketing activities from the Schedule component. Any marketing methods that were not chosen in your schedule will be displayed in grey like below:

This spreadsheet makes it easier for you to view the available marketing options for your business on one page, and which ones you’re currently participating in. By not removing the deselected marketing activities completely from view, you’re still able to see the available methods to keep in mind for upcoming months.


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7 reviews for Marketing Schedule & Calendar

  1. aiden

    It’s a very simple marketing calendar with a couple of formula to automate some functions. Recommended for people looking for a simple offline solution to marketing planning

  2. MarketGuru

    I never really considered why I wuld need/use an excel tool when there are so many other calendar or schedule software out there but sometimes it’s actually just easiest and most effective using spreadsheets. It’s just that bulk editing is so much easier especially if you’re quite familiar with using excel and the formula used in this marketing calendar are quite clever.

  3. Patricia Short

    I’m not exactly an excel guru so I was worried about giving it a go but glad I bought it . it’s easy to use once you read the instructions and play around with the example. In the calendar view it’s nice how I can see a list of my marketing campaigns and then plan activities for the month. e.g. this month I’m startin a facebook page for my online clothing shop and I planned the day I’ll create it, when I’ll work on facebook post graphics or plan posts ahead, and how often I’ll post them.
    I think the good thing with this is that it’s really upto you how you use this calendar and you can be as detailed or simple as you want.

  4. rainn singh

    I quite like how you can put in y or n and it blocks it out for you in the next sheet but not completely black so you can still see what you ruled out for the month. the design could be nicer though

  5. Alex Foster

    Bought this template for my marketing department and it’s working out great. We copied the calendar tab to create another one for September which was easy enough to do. Straightforward and does what it says, and the best part is that you can still see all the available marketing options you listed but aren’t doing yet.

  6. Tim C W

    Awesome – easy to use and no fluff. Thanks.

  7. ADW

    I was looking for a template to help plan my advertising activity for a start up business and wow, did this template deliver! It’s intuitive to follow and so easy to use. I spent about an hour playing with it and I now have my first 12 months of advertising activity planned out. Thank YVOXS, this is great.

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