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Marketing Strategy Calendar

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When running a successful business, marketing is essential. However, just having an idea of what kind of marketing you’d like to do for your business is not enough. For an effective marketing plan, you need to consider what type of marketing mediums you’ll use and why and how they’ll benefit your business. And once you’ve figured out why and how often you plan on using certain marketing mediums and tactics, it’s important to jot it all down in one big marketing calendar to have the big picture plan. For example, will you invest more or less in your online marketing initiatives in the months when you’re participating in offline activities like expos and networking?

Download this FREE one-page Marketing Strategy Calendar to find out the perfect marketing activity plan for your business.

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Included in this download are two separate Word documents in two different styles:

  • 1 x original YVOXS pink
  • 1 x black and grey colour theme

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2 reviews for Marketing Strategy Calendar

  1. Penny

    Nice to see our marketing strategy in one place and when and how often we’ll do them. I used different colours to fill the boxes to make it easier to differentiate.

  2. Marketing

    It’s really simple

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