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One-Page Business Plan (1 Column) PDF Worksheet

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Business plans don’t always have to be long. You can have a simple one-page business plan which can be equivalent to an executive summary. Download our free one-page business plan to use as a starting point!

This one-page PDF business plan worksheet is designed to help you or your team consider your business’s most important aspects in a simple and compact form. Unlike the Word version of the same document in which you can edit or delete the questions once answering in order to create a more professional and presentable document, this PDF is best used as a worksheet.

Try answering each question in 2-3 sentences and see what you come up with!

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Click the printing icon or Ctrl + P from your PDF viewer, and select “print to PDF” or similar in the dropdown list of printers. Click “Print” and save the PDF.

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5 reviews for One-Page Business Plan (1 Column) PDF Worksheet

  1. Amy Hunt

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I like this way better than the word version!!

  2. Berry Collins

    Just a really simple worksheet. Perfect for what I needed.

  3. tony loi

    Wish financial part had a bigger answer box

  4. Dale Vargas

    Simple worksheet

  5. Hoi Luang

    Useful to work with.

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