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Position Description Handbook Template


An organised and functional business should ideally have a set position description for each position title occupied by the employees. A position description lists a particular job’s duties, responsibilities and skills required to carry out the job (or your expectations from the candidate). Without a set guideline for what you’re looking for in a role, you may lose focus of the purpose of that job or not provide enough relevant training and development for the employee to grow.

With that said, what’s even better for your HR functions than just having a couple of position descriptions is having a handbook of all your position descriptions in one place. This way, without having to go back and forth and checking each position’s files, you can have a go-to place for all titles and duties necessary for your business. Get organised and save yourself and your team some time by implementing this handbook process in your business.

This handbook comes with 3 different position descriptions templates, all of which include:

  • Basic details of the job
  • Main responsibilities and objectives
  • Required skills, experience and qualifications.

Product Description

In order to create more position descriptions, copy one of the 3 blank templates and paste into a new page in the same Word file. You can repeat this as many times as you like to create as many position descriptions as necessary for your business. Once you’ve set out all required position descriptions, simply create a table of contents for each position title (instructions included). You can export to PDF for a soft copy (and refer to each position title easily by simply clicking on the entry in the table of contents) or print a copy and put together a handbook folder.

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