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Position Description Template


An organised and functional business should ideally have a set position description for each position title occupied by the employees. A position description lists a particular job’s duties, responsibilities and skills required to carry out the job (or your expectations from the candidate). Without a set guideline for what you’re looking for in a role, you may lose focus of the purpose of that job or not provide enough relevant training and development for the employee to grow.

This position description template is a stylish 2-page form that includes the following sections:

  • Basic details of the job
  • Main responsibilities and objectives
  • Required skills, experience and qualifications
  • Additional details (training, physical demands, benefits, etc)

Once you’ve set out your position descriptions, you can use them to hire the right person for the role, refer to them during interviews and performance reviews, and consider the skills gaps in you business.

Product Description

Simply type out the relevant details and print the final version, or print a blank template and fill it out by hand.

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