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Starting a Business Checklist Workbook


Even the most organised entrepreneur is bound to forget a thing or two when preparing for their first business. There are always going to be unexpected things that come up (normally at the worst time!), and your preparedness for such events is what will set you apart from those that will inevitably panic or give up.

This 45-page checklist covers most of the basic issues that arise when first starting a business, what you could do and where you could get further advice. Give your business a chance and save yourself from future heartaches by getting on top of preventable issues from the start.

Working through this checklist workbook, you may find that you’re not nearly as ready as you thought you were to launch your business!

Product Description

This 45-page checklist workbook includes the following sections/stages:

  • Knowing Your Goals and Purpose (3 pages)
  • Preparing Yourself for the Road Ahead (7 pages)
  • Initial Considerations (7 pages)
  • Registrations and Legal Obligations (8 pages)
  • Researching for Your Business (6 pages)
  • Planning for Your Business (I.e. Putting It Altogether) (3 pages)
  • Setting Up Your Business (5 pages)
  • Your Final Checklist (2 pages)

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