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Starting a Business Checklist (Short)


What if I haven’t prepared enough for my first business? What if I don’t actually know anything that I really need to know? What if I’ve just been wasting my time?!

If you’re asking these questions, it might help you to grab this checklist and see what you’ve been able to complete for your business prep so far, and what else is left. This free 14-page compact checklist goes through all stages involved in business prepping, including the personal goals stage, initial considerations stage, registration stage, the research stage and so on. Each stage includes a number of questions that are considered to be the must-do elements of the stage.

Download it and see if you’re able to tick off everything on the list!

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Want a more comprehensive version?

Our Starting a Business Full Checklist Workbook covers all points covered in this checklist with added descriptions and advice on where to get the information you need. What’s better, it also includes note-taking areas for you to write down your progress and/or issues, and a page where you can re-create your checklist with only the outstanding items!

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