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The “Game-Changer” Business Plan in PDF


Even with nicely laid out and simple templates, completing a comprehensive business plan can feel like a daunting task. This is especially the case when you’re faced with the task of writing your very first business plan, with no idea how to get started and exactly what you need to write in each section.

Our full PDF business plan is here to change the game altogether. Why go through the headache of formatting on top of the already difficult job of actually writing the business plan?!

This PDF business plan (i.e. The Game-Changer) is perfect for:

  • those who often find that they spend more time formatting the business plan than actually completing it,
  • those who want to save time when updating their business plans on a regular basis
  • consultants who want to provide their clients with an easier and simpler way of writing their business plans
  • franchisors who want to help the franchisees with proper business planning, and
  • those writing a business plan for the first time.

Get your copy of this 28-page PDF Business Plan now and save your precious time that can be spent working in/on the business, instead of formatting documents!

If you would prefer a fully-formatted and fully-editable Word version so that you can delete/add more sections as you go, check out our Comprehensive Business Plan template!

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This PDF Business Plan covers all essential sections included in any other business plan:

  • Executive Summary
    • Business Details
    • Products and Services
    • The Market
    • The Finances
    • Future Goals and Plan
  • Business Details
    • Business Purpose
    • Registration Details
    • Premises
    • Ownership and Management
    • Organisational Chart
    • Personnel
      • Marketing Department
      • Business Department
      • Accounts Department
      • Required Staff
      • Personnel Count
      • Personnel Management
    • Insurance
    • Legal Considerations
  • Products and Services
    • Current Products and Services
      • Value to Customer
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • Anticipated Demand
      • Pricing Strategy
    • Products and Services in Development
      • Research and Development (R&D)
      • Intellectual Property
    • Operations
  • The Market
    • Market Research
    • Market Analysis
      • Market Trends
      • Limitations and Issues
      • Anticipated Fluctuations
    • The Customer
      • Your Customers
      • The Ideal Customer(s)
      • Key Identified Customer(s)
      • Customer Management
    • The Competition
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Competitive Strategy
    • SWOT Analysis
      • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
    • Marketing Strategy
      • Advertising Strategy
      • Sales Strategy
      • Sales Techniques
  • The Finances
    • Financial Overview
      • Key Financial Objectives
    • Startup Expenses for FYxx/xx
      • Assumptions
      • Startup Capital and Expenses Table
    • Balance Sheet Forecast
      • Assumptions
    • Profit & Loss Projections
      • Assumptions
      • 12-Month Profit & Loss Projections
      • 3-Year Profit & Loss Projections
    • Cash Flow Statements
      • 12-Month Cash Flow Statement
    • Break-Even Analysis
      • Break-Even Calculator
  • Future Goals and Plan
    • Long-Term Goals
    • Short-Term Goals
    • Action Plan/Milestones
  • Appendices

Included in this download are two separate PDF documents in two different styles:

  • 1 x original YVOXS pink
  • 1 x black and grey colour theme

In order to save an uneditable version of this PDF worksheet (i.e. remove the text fields), print to PDF.

Click the printing icon or Ctrl + P from your PDF viewer, and select “print to PDF” or similar in the dropdown list of printers. Click “Print” and save the PDF.

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Document Type

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28 per document

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There are TWO files included in this download.


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