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The One-Page 5-Year Plan – Monthly

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When running a business, just having an initial or annual business plan isn’t quite enough. After all, your business isn’t just going to survive one year at a time. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan that lays out tasks, activities and goals for the near future. What will your business look like in five years? What do you plan to achieve in that time? Download our one-page five-year plan and start designing your business’s future!

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Product Description

Included in this download are two separate Word documents in two different styles:

  • 1 x original YVOXS pink
  • 1 x black and grey colour theme

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1 per document

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There are TWO files included in this download.

5 reviews for The One-Page 5-Year Plan – Monthly

  1. Keith Bushong

    I have two copies – one for revenue goals and one for marketing. Really good format and easy to see everything in one place.

  2. biz

    agree with other commet that there isn’t enogh space to write a lot. definitely the case when you type But it’s actually much better used as a worksheet, printed

  3. james zhang

    I want to start an IT company and used this to plan for the future in conjunction with my business plan

  4. Paige C

    I like the idea of having 5 years on one page but it’s really not enough space to write down more than a few words in one box. Still eally useful.

  5. S. Patel

    this 5 year plan actually made me sit down and consider the next 5 months of my business divided into each month. obviousy a lot of it was guesswork especially towards the end of the 5 year period but it really made me consider it in depth

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