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To-Do List (Landscape View)


No matter how smart and organised you are, you’re bound to forget things from time to time – that’s what makes us human! Whether it’s meeting a deadline at work, little tasks involved in a project, or even homework, your life is full of things waiting to be completed by you. And if you’re prone to forgetting things and afraid of missing important activities or tasks, try our to-do list!

As simple as it sounds, traditional to-do lists can help you keep track of your tasks. And by having your to-do list easily accessible on your computer, or by printing it and putting it where it stands out the most (like your work/study desk), you can always be on top of your tasks and tick things off as you go. With our to-do lists, never miss a thing again!

Product Description

Included in this download is a zip folder which contains:

  • 1 x landscape to-do list with dropdowns in pink
  • 1 x landscape to-do list print version in pink
  • 1 x landscape to-do list with dropdowns in black
  • 1 x landscape to-do list print version in black.

The templates with dropdowns let you select the priority, start and due dates, and status of each of your tasks. These are best used by keeping them on your computer, or printing once you’ve typed everything out first. The print versions are blank lists that you can use to print and handwrite on, if you don’t want to have the placeholder texts visible.

Additional information

Document Type

Number of Pages

1 per document

Number of Files

There are FOUR files included in this download.


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