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To-Do List (Portrait View)

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Let’s face it. You forget things. And of course you would, because you’re a business owner with a million things to take care of with a million different people on a million different platforms. Or you could be a professional with a bunch of tasks or projects on your plate on top of the million other responsibilities. You could also be a student, trying to keep on top of your million projects and assignments on top of your regular reading and school work. It’s not a secret that the things on your plate can become blurred after a while and you end up feeling overwhelmed and missing a couple of important tasks you were meant to do.

As simple as it sounds, to-do lists can help. Keep track of your to-dos by having your to-do list easily accessible on your computer, or by printing it and putting it where it stands out the most, like your work/study desk. We do, however, advise against from having it visible in your rest or relaxing spaces like next to your bed. With our to-do lists, keep on top of your tasks and never miss a thing again!

Product Description

Included in this download is a zip folder which contains:

  • 1 x portrait to-do list with dropdowns in pink
  • 1 x portrait to-do list print version in pink
  • 1 x portrait to-do list with dropdowns in black
  • 1 x portrait to-do list print version in black.

The templates with dropdowns let you select the priority, start and due dates, and status of each of your tasks. These are best used by keeping them on your computer, or printing once you’ve typed everything out first. The print versions are blank lists that you can use to print and handwrite on, if you don’t want to have the placeholder texts visible.

Additional information

Document Type

Number of Pages

1 per document

Number of Files

There are FOUR files included in this download.

1 review for To-Do List (Portrait View)

  1. damy

    Just really simple. I have to do list apps on my phone but it’s never as good s having it in plain view w

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